The security services can track users via Google: how to avoid it

Спецслужбы могут отследить пользователей через Google: как этого избежать

Disable “location History” on an Android smartphone will not prevent Google to find out where and when you went

Information about your location will continue to gather, since Google released the terms of the contract to use Android, “the fine print”. Thus, the disable function only guarantees that your data will not be added to the monthly location history. However, some location data will be stored, for example, when using Google Maps.

Спецслужбы могут отследить пользователей через Google: как этого избежать

However, there is one way to completely disable data collection on your Android device. Open the privacy menu in your Google account and select “activity Tracking”. Disable the “app and web”.

Спецслужбы могут отследить пользователей через Google: как этого избежать

Only if you fulfil the above points, Google will no longer collect information about your location. These steps can be done directly on your smartphone in the Google app or via an Internet browser after logging in to your account.

Also in the privacy menu users can select “My activities” to see what data is created when you use Google services and what information is removed.

Earlier it became known, in the latest Android release 9.0 security researchers found a critical vulnerability. This was stated by the company Nightwatch Cybersecurity with the United States, dedicated to research in the field of cybersecurity.

The breach allows hackers to gain detailed access to information on your mobile device: information about Wi-Fi, the name of the connection, including the IP address, DNS server and other settings, and password. Based on the data the attacker does not cost anything to keep track of all incoming and going traffic, intercepting personal data.

Moreover, knowing details about the smartphone, the attackers using the malware can track any smartphone and even organize an attack on the wireless network and other connected devices.

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