The second racket of the world has shown how practicing quarantine

Друга ракетка світу показав, як тренується на карантині

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Tennis player Rafael Nadal keep in shape at home. Tenualosa together with the Champions!

World number two Rafael Nadal showed how he trains, sitting at home in quarantine.

On his page in Instagram the tennis player shared a home training. “Yesterday I showed you what we do on the quarantine often cooking. Today I want to show a set of exercises that I perform every day,” wrote Nadal.

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The message circulated Rafa Nadal (@rafaelnadal) 25 Mar 2020 at 9:38 PDT

There is no doubt that there were still people somehow, and touched the coronavirus. Among those who left for quarantine without a job, there are sports commentators. However, our new hero was not taken aback. He just comments on everything he sees around. Enjoy!

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