The Scot was unable to become a donor because of the issue of pregnancy

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 Scot couldn't donate due to pregnancy question< /p>

A man was denied the opportunity to become a donor because he did not answer the question of whether he was pregnant.

How According to The Telegraph, Leslie Sinclair, 66, has been a long-term donor.

On his last trip to the Albert Hall clinic in Stirling, he was filling out paperwork before donating blood when he saw a question about whether he was pregnant.< br />
He complained that for a 66-year-old man, this issue is hardly relevant. But the hospital said they couldn't take his blood if he didn't respond.

The medics stressed that there was a policy in place to “promote inclusiveness” and women often didn't know if they were pregnant or no. According to the rules, pregnant women can't donate blood.

“It's pointless and makes me angry because there are vulnerable people who are waiting for blood, including children, who are in desperate need of help. But they were denied my blood due to an obligation to answer a question that can never be answered,” Sinclair said.

questions to all donors.

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