The scientists were struck by the findings about the mental health of children

Ученые поразили выводами о психическом здоровье детей

Scientists conducted a study and made unfavorable conclusions about the mental health of the younger generation

One in seven children has at least one mental illness. Half of them are not given adequate treatment, as the study showed.

Approximately one in seven American child in the US has at least one mental disorder, as found by scientists from the University of Michigan.

Ученые поразили выводами о психическом здоровье детей

Half of such children do not receive adequate treatment. In recent years, the number of mental disorders in America is steadily growing, especially among children and adolescents. Some experts blame the development of technology, but others suggest that this disease just became more carefully to diagnose and often before they passed unnoticed.

Whatever the reasons for this growth, the lack of treatment of mental disorders in children is very dangerous. These children move into the adult phase of life with the risk to have a chronic mental illness that will last for years and decades. It is known that mental illness in some cases, directly provoke and physical disorders.

Their findings are from Michigan made on the basis of collecting information on more than 4.5 million children from all over the United States. The ages of the children and adolescents ranged from 0 to 17 years. At 16.5 per cent had a diagnosed mental illness.

This means that almost 8 million American children experience anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity and any of the 200 other mental illnesses. And in some States, the number of cases is much higher than in others. Only in Hawaii has the lowest number of such cases.

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We will note, earlier we wrote that eating lots of fruits and vegetables good for the heart. A new study has suggested that if people are using apples, carrots and bananas, they benefit not only their physical, but also mental health.

Ученые поразили выводами о психическом здоровье детей

Experts recommend 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. They claim that the more of these foods in our diet, the higher the mood, the feelings of obtaining new paid jobs.

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