The scientists said, why are tigers striped

Ученые рассказали, почему тигры полосатые

Bright predators seem only man.

The discovery was made by the scientific staff of the University of Bristol. It turned out, the color orange and black tigers are not random. Bright they seem only man. The eyes of herbivores are arranged differently, which means that the predators are not too noticeable for the deer, which only distinguish blue and green. The tiger skins they see in shades of green, and she had one tone with leaves, reports the with reference to

Bright color of the predator is provided with pigment pheomelanin. Its richness depends on the type, for example, the Bali tiger, extinct to date, distinguished by bright orange hair. Apparently, so hunters they are easy to find. Tigers that live in Russia, Northern China, mostly light coloured, and those that live in Malaysia and on the island of Sumatra, darker.

At the bottom of the North sea have found evidence of possible settlements of hunters-gatherers

By the way, scientists conducted a genetic analysis to determine how close all the surviving tiger subspecies. It turned out, each species evolved in different ways.

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