The scientists said, what foods have the highest amount of pesticides

Ученые рассказали, какие продукты имеют наибольшее количество пестицидов

We have selected a list of products that have the highest amount of pesticides

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In the first place was the strawberry. Working group on environmental issues in the United States has acknowledged that about 98% of the delivered strawberries contain pesticide residues.

These chemicals can cause cancer, problems with reproductive system, and cause hormonal and neurological disorders.

Ученые рассказали, какие продукты имеют наибольшее количество пестицидов

Over the past few years, strawberry has risen in the ranking of the most contaminated by pesticides products with 4 locations (2015) on 1st, ahead of apples, which for 5 years held a leading position. This is not surprising because, if the strawberries were solely seasonal berries, now it can be found practically in all the major supermarkets at any time of the year.

Here is the full list of “contaminated” with pesticides products:

  1. strawberry;
  2. apples;
  3. nectarines
  4. peaches;
  5. celery;
  6. grapes;
  7. cherry;
  8. spinach;
  9. tomatoes;
  10. bell pepper;
  11. the cherry tomatoes;
  12. cucumbers.

At the same time, most pure product for the past 15 years is considered avocado. The presence of pesticides showed less than 1% of the samples.

Also we recently wrote about foods that “steal” our energy.

So, the excess amount of water causes fatigue and lethargy, because the body is experiencing habituation from regular receipt of caffeine. Subsequently, the tonic effect is weaker, and a person may experience the desire to sleep.

Ученые рассказали, какие продукты имеют наибольшее количество пестицидов

Meat is a heavy food for the digestive system to work which requires energy reserves. In the product contains such a component as iron, the absorption of which requires energy, so after a hearty meat dinner, the person feels relaxed and wants to rest.

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Not less than the amount of energy resource the organism when the consumption of fast carbs contained in pasta, rice and white bread. The sudden influx of energy is replaced by fatigue and lethargy, so you should substitute regular rice for brown. When choosing bread, experts recommend to stop the choice on varieties of whole wheat flour.

To products that cause sluggish as are bananas. You should pay attention to the presence of magnesium, it promotes the reduction of the power supply. Among the berries like this is cherry, whose composition includes melatonin. This component contributes to the appearance of a sleepy state.

Yogurt is a useful milk product when it is moderate use. Tryptophan in the composition affects the formation of substances such as serotonin and melatonin. These components have a calming and relaxing effect that can cause a desire to take a NAP.

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