The scientist who discovered DNA, the scandal was stripped of all awards: the booming scandal

Ученого, открывшего ДНК, со скандалом лишили всех наград: гремит скандал

Legendary American scientist stripped of all honorary titles because of the scandal

US scientist James Watson has run into a huge scandal because of its “rasistickih statements.”

Nobel laureate James Watson, whom all the world knows, as a researcher who discovered the structure of DNA, stripped of all honorary titles because of the statements about the inequality of people. He expressed his opinion that genes affect intelligence of different races.

Ученого, открывшего ДНК, со скандалом лишили всех наград: гремит скандал

In a television interview, the famous 90-year-old scientist argued that these genes are the most notorious culprits, which distinguish the average IQ of the representatives of Caucasoid and Negroid races.

Colleagues of Watson disown his remarks, calling it “unsubstantiated” and “reckless”.

Ученого, открывшего ДНК, со скандалом лишили всех наград: гремит скандал

The plane crash in the capital found a lot of corpses, killed all the new photos of the tragedy
The incident

It is noted that this is not the first controversial statement of the Nobel laureate. Before that, he criticized the blacks. So, in 2007, Watson stated that the future of the black continent, Africa, he sees in a negative light.

“Social policy is based on the assumption that their intelligence corresponds to our (Caucasian, approx. ed.). While testing shows that this is not so,” said Watson. He added that he was mistaken, considering all people equal: “Who had to deal with black employees knows that this is wrong.”

After this “racist” statement, the researcher lost his place in the lab in cold spring Harbor. Watson then had to apologize for his words.

But in 2014, James Watson sold his Nobel medal, stating that scientific colleagues made fun of him for his statements on race and intelligence.

It is reported that Watson after the accident is now undergoing rehabilitation and perhaps because of this “is very poorly aware of what is happening”.

Earlier we wrote about that British Royal family is brewing a scandal. Between daughters-in-law to Queen Elizabeth, happened ugly quarrel, events occurred in the castle of Balmor — the Scottish residence of Her Majesty.

The Queen had extended an olive branch of peace ex-wife of his middle son Prince Andrew, the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson.

Elizabeth was invited to visit the mother of his granddaughters (princesses Beatrice and Eugenie) in the Royal country estate. The Queen did not suspect that it will turn to scandal.

Ученого, открывшего ДНК, со скандалом лишили всех наград: гремит скандал

Sarah at the meeting with the second wife of Prince Charles Camilla was not able to hold back and pounced on the accusations. Sarah accused Camille in the suffering of the first wife of Charles, Princess Diana, who Ferguson at the time were inseparable.

Sarah was unable to forgive the other woman, Camilla Parker-Bowles that she was having an affair with the then Prince Charles behind Diana and in the end stole the Princess of Wales beloved husband. Ferguson said that in the hands of Camilla, “the blood of Diana”, given all the pain and all the tears she has provoked.

All these years Sarah was willing to give Camille all that she thought about it, but the chance never came. Now that he had Sara took it.

The Duchess Chornoliska not to be outdone and responded harshly to the person who dared to insult her people. Noisy scandal that broke out after a dinner party, became public knowledge because the Duchess did not hesitate presence of the castle staff and other relatives.

Recall that between Russia and China brewing scandal: “Putin sold Siberia”.

As reported Politeka, the leadership of “Ukrposhta” was accused of invention, cunning scheme: “It’s a huge scandal”.

Also Politeka wrote that nonsense Chicherina turned into a song about “the blacks of Donbass”.

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