The scandal with the IDF officer who secretly filmed the girls: “You ruined our lives!”

Scandal with the IDF officer who secretly filmed girls:

IDF Lieutenant Colonel Dan Sharoni, former commander of the driving school of the 6th training base, is charged with dozens of crimes related to indecent assault and invasion of privacy for secretly filming female soldiers without their knowledge.

According to the Galei IDF radio station, his arrest was extended until January 4.

According to Kan, the plaintiffs in court they shouted to him: “ You ruined our lives, you should be ashamed. ''

Sharoni was arrested for committing sex crimes on November 9. Presumably, he has photographed female soldiers since 2010.

One of his victims stated on Instagram that the lieutenant colonel had installed a network of hidden cameras, including in the shower and bath. After his arrest, he was fired.

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