The scandal with the husband of Queen Elizabeth continued: “took the conscientious decision”

Скандал с мужем королевы Елизаветы получил продолжение: «Принял добросовестное решение»

97-year-old husband of the Queen of great Britain Prince Philip took an unexpected decision after the accident

This is reported by American media.

“The Prince has decided to stop driving the car less than a month after an accident in which two women were injured. On Saturday, February 9, at Buckingham Palace said that “after careful consideration, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II has decided to voluntarily give up their driver’s license,” the statement reads.

Скандал с мужем королевы Елизаветы получил продолжение: «Принял добросовестное решение»

Note that the decision of the Prince was preceded by a picture, which Phillip did behind the wheel of your car without a seat belt. After that, the police decided “to guide him in the right direction.”

As previously reported, on January 17, husband of Queen Elizabeth II 97-year-old Prince Philip was involved in an accident near the estate of Sandringham.

According to local journalists, the accident may be more serious than it is presented at Buckingham Palace.

Official representatives of the Royal family say that Prince has not received serious injuries in the collision. However, counsel for Roy Horn, who was passing at the time of the accident, argues that the consequences of the accident were more serious.

According to him, after the collision, the Prince Philip, sore feet and got out of the car through the sunroof.

“In my hands was the blood Prince. All I could think: thank God that it has not done worse. I rushed to the other car — it was steaming, like it could explode. From the back seat came the cry of a child. While disoriented Philip shouted: My legs! Where do I put my feet!”, — the eyewitness told.

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It is also reported that Prince was examined by the doctor in Sandringham. In the next two days he will remain under observation, as doctors want to make sure that no internal damage.

According to preliminary data, the culprit of the accident was the Prince. He needed to pass alcohol test, which showed that he was totally sober. According to Philip, his eyes the sun was shining, and the collision occurred.

Скандал с мужем королевы Елизаветы получил продолжение: «Принял добросовестное решение»

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