The scandal has flashed with new force on the transfer of “What? Where? When?”: “agreed prize”

Скандал вспыхнул с новой силой на передаче «Что? Где? Когда?»: «договорились о выигрыше»

The scandal with the President of the international Association of clubs “What? Where? When?” has received unexpected continuation

Aliaksandr druz said during the meeting with the Russian journalists.

So, according to him, after the chief editor of the program Ilya ber of bribery, intends to go to court.

At the same time the General Director “the First channel” Konstantin Ernst, which exits the program, spoke sharply about the situation.

Скандал вспыхнул с новой силой на передаче «Что? Где? Когда?»: «договорились о выигрыше»

“While we can only assume that the two participants in this history there is a personal conflict, given that they have long been familiar, both “experts” and actively participate in the life of “What? Where? When?“ and to clarify the relationship did not regret to use a different television program,” he said.

Add the that the scandal arose after Bera, who said about fraud in the program “Who wants to be a millionaire.” So, friends had to pay him with the prize of three million rubles. These words were confirmed and the scholar.

“The voice on the records of Bera is really my and hide that I’m not going, but the story of Ilya ber told the exact opposite. He offered me a deal with issues for the money that I pay him the winnings,” said druz.

As previously reported, the story of the deceived buyers “EuroBLECH” in Kharkov acquires new details

In Kharkov, about 450 people were victims of deception on the part of the company, which raised money for the customs clearance of a car at avtonomera, but then brokers have disappeared with a million dollars.

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Note that people gave the fraudsters from two to two and a half thousand dollars, but no documents were signed. When I realized that they were deceived, and machines they will not see, rushed to the police. February 7, law enforcement stated that more than 90 people approached them with complaints and demand to find and punish the scammers.

Note that the story has received wide attention and spread in social networks. Soon the names of scammers.

The owner of the company Feneror, which was engaged in the bringing cars from Europe, Gennadiy matsokin rented office brokers Vitaliy and Vyacheslav Kalina Hlebine on Shevchenko street, 54. On 7 February they disappeared with a million “green”. In turn, Mazarin stated that was not aware of the fact than the hunted these two.

Скандал вспыхнул с новой силой на передаче «Что? Где? Когда?»: «договорились о выигрыше»

Recall that millions EuroBLECH who attacked the Ukraine, massively imported from Poland.

As reported Politeka, Ukrainians may prohibit the purchase EuroBLECH: preparing tough measures.

Also Politeka wrote about what they would do with the owners EuroBLECH.

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