The scandal at the national selection of the Eurovision song contest: “the Brains out of the skull”

Скандал на Нацотборе Евровидения: «Мозги вне черепа»

The judge of the national selection Eurovision harshly criticized one of the contestants

Producer, presenter of the show program “Karaoke on the Maidan” Igor Kondratiuk, in strong language expressed his views on the “peacefulness” of some of the artists participating in the music competition.

Kondratyuk said that he was sickened by the credo of many singers, “music out of politics.” These performers do not want to understand that in the East of Ukraine already the fifth year of a war unleashed by Russia, which Russia annexed Crimea and Russian occupants killed Ukrainian soldiers.

Скандал на Нацотборе Евровидения: «Мозги вне черепа»

Artists like nothing’s wrong are the “peace and love”, touring the country-aggressor.

From Igor Kondratyuk criticism on this subject were addressed to the contestants of the band “Bahroma” and singer MARUV (Anna Korsun). These singers don’t see anything wrong with the protests in Russia.

“I have no excuses for such a position. Personally, I do not know how many excuses have MARUV as a singer. This is the essence of hybrid warfare… (MARUV – Ed.) has not yet reached. Maybe it will reach. Or maybe not”, – was indignant Kondratyuk.

He said that artists such as MARUV, “brains outside the skull.”

Recall that MARUV with the song “Siren Song” hit the top three finalists.

We will add that in this year’s Eurovision song contest will take place on 14, 16 and 18 may in tel Aviv (Israel).

As previously reported, ex-member of groups “Army” Faith Cecelia was heavily criticized by the jury after his performance in the national selection on competition “Eurovision-2019″— the room smacked of lethargy. Cecelia literally “drugged” by the jury.

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Скандал на Нацотборе Евровидения: «Мозги вне черепа»

The judge noted that Faith strong and well trained voice. However, in order to position yourself as the best Ukrainian performer at the international competition in composition, which was chosen Cecelia, its possibilities were opened very poorly.

Danilko is not endorsed by stating, for the scale of the Eurovision song contest this statement objectively does not fit. According to the artist, the participant lacked the incendiary activity and even conflict.

We will add that on February 23, will host the final of the national selection and will be announced the winner.

Recall that the singer from Ukraine “received an ovation” at the national selection for the Eurovision song contest-2019.

As reported Politeka, Eurovision took on Pritula: preparing for the national selection is in full swing.

Also Politeka wrote that “KAZKA quietly crying in a corner”: Team “, Cecho” introduced the clip for the Eurovision song contest.

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