The SBU detained a blogger, because of which a shopping center was bombed in Kyiv

 The SBU detained a blogger who caused a shopping center in Kyiv to be bombed

The Security Service of Ukraine detained a blogger in Kyiv who published a video showing the movement of Ukrainian military equipment in the Podolsk region. Thus, he corrected the shelling of one of the shopping centers of the capital.

On February 24, a man born in 1985 uploaded a video to the social network TikTok, which shows how the Armed Forces of Ukraine move around the shopping center in the Podolsky district.

"On the video– tiktoker, who recently posted materials on the Internet about the location of the Ukrainian military in Kyiv. Subsequently, the shopping center, near which our defenders were located, suffered a powerful missile strike by Russian invaders,” the SBU press service said.


Recall that the night before, several explosions occurred in the Podolsky district, resulting in a large-scale fire. Eight people died as a result of a rocket hit on the territory of a shopping center in the Podolsky district.

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