The Russians shelled a school in Severodonetsk

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 Russians shelled a school in Severodonetsk

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The Russian army shelled a school in Severodonetsk. At least three people were killed.

More than 200 people were hiding in the school.

In addition, the head of the Luhansk region Serhiy Gaidai published a photo of Rubizhne and signed them like this: “Rubezhnoe shared the fate of Mariupol.

The industrial city, in which more than 60 thousand people lived, was destroyed to the ground, there are no surviving buildings, many houses cannot be restored. In the yards – cemeteries.

Part of the inhabitants were evacuated, another part was deported to Russia, the third part continues to live in the destroyed city and hide from the shelling in the basements.

A video from the destroyed Severodonetsk also appeared. Horses run around the city, shelling is constantly heard.

In the Luhansk region, more than 11 thousand houses were destroyed by the Russian army, of which almost 3200 – High-rise buildings.

The regional authorities calculate the losses and determine the volume of needs for the restoration of the housing stock.

The housing sector of the region suffered the most from shelling and bombing. According to preliminary estimates, 3,188 multi-storey buildings and 8,100 private estates were partially or completely destroyed. Currently, the regional military administration is compiling a list of residential buildings that suffered destruction and damage.

This database is being filled, among other things, according to an online survey among residents of the region. More than 3,500 such questionnaires have already been worked out. The list includes data on 830 multi-storey and 1,274 private residential buildings destroyed by the Russian Army. Economic losses amount to hundreds of billions of hryvnias.

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