The Russians have recorded an angry appeal to Putin: “It’s a double attack”

Россияне записали гневное обращение к Путину: «Это двойная атака»

In the Russian Federation recorded an angry appeal to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, accusing him of “harassment” of citizens

Appropriate post posted blogger Vitauskas on his page in the social network.

An “infinite series “Putin, help!” Unteachable! They still did not understand. Shrouded in a sulfuric cloud of Sibay where the concentration in the air of sulfur dioxide exceeded the normal 23 times, is not Syria, not Venezuela and not Cuba. Save him, no one is going to”, — stated in the message.

Россияне записали гневное обращение к Путину: «Это двойная атака»

Note that on the published footage shows the Russians are turning to Putin with a demand to stop their “poison”. The incident caused a heated discussion on the part of network users.

“Why not on the knees. Not in form to the king a petition is served,” “excuse me, but first Venezuela help needed”, “it’s not a show. This flashmob. Right challenge”, “vegetables are untrainable”, “skates they will give”, “blind clown”, “pillaged and committed,” they write.

As previously reported, Russia again, worried that she cheated: now the “superpower” is deeply concerned about the territories of the moon, suddenly get

When a dog has nothing to do, she seeks out at flea himself. Same thing is happening now in the Russian space Agency.

According to Russian media “Roskosmos” and wounds, is extremely strained because of the possible disputes in the division of the lunar territories with the United States and other countries.

Structure proposed to urgently start the preparation of specialists in space law.

“Considered it necessary to… develop a plan for legal support of interests of the Russian Federation in potential territorial disputes and to have the relevant universities (MSU, people’s friendship University and others) the preparation of the necessary number of specialists in space law”, — said in a joint statement the state Corporation and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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The former head of the Institute of space technology people’s friendship University Gennady Raikunov believes that such innovation strategically necessary to Russia.

According to him, these professionals need to first, to give an answer “to traders in the USA and in other countries” that “have tried to sell plots on the moon.” “Secondly, there is a question about mining on the moon, the question arises about how to respond to their assignment. That raises a number of issues which are not regulated at the legislative level”, — explained the expert.

Россияне записали гневное обращение к Путину: «Это двойная атака»

Recall, trump was caught in a scandal with Putin.

As reported Politeka, Putin is afraid of a full-scale attack on Ukraine.

Also Politeka wrote that Lukashenko snubbed Putin sharply after rumors of the invasion.

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