The Russians got the government and personally Putin: ready to take up pitchforks

Россиян допекла власть и лично Путин: готовы браться за вилы

The Russians cried to life

The inhabitants of the aggressor told the Internet newspaper Sign about how they are living after the Ukrainian Crimea was forcibly annexed to the Russian Federation.

New 2019 aggressor began sadly. In Russia has risen in price gasoline, skyrocketed the price of food and manufactured goods, mobile communication it is necessary to pay more increased interest rates on mortgages. At the same time, Russians are poorer – their income is not increasing since the annexation of the Crimea Peninsula.

Россиян допекла власть и лично Путин: готовы браться за вилы

Opinion polls show that more than half of the surveyed residents of the Russian Federation (53%) are willing to dismiss their government, which, in the opinion of the people, unable or unwilling to overcome the crisis. Even the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov acknowledged that hatred of officials in Russia is pouring over the edge.

The Russians with one of the editions shared their stories of “survival” when “reforms” and rising prices.

Dmitry Kabutov, Surgut:

“I voted for Putin. And now I regret it.

The bulk of the funds spent on food. On to save, save does not work, prices are very high. Hard to understand how people survive in Central Russia for much lower wages. Most disturbing about the growing cost of food. Of course, we have to give up some goods.

In 2018 purposefully voted for Putin. And now I regret it. Problems in the social sphere increased. Taxes are rising, the retirement age increased. You work for the master, he pays you, in its sole discretion some pennies. The people for today’s politicians no one.

Of course, the people this state of Affairs is not satisfied. We have people take to the streets if the all-Russian protest action against price rise, for example. If a full-scale protest against government policies will be, probably I will take part in it.

Things will only get worse. In the current situation, the guilty government and the President”.

Россиян допекла власть и лично Путин: готовы браться за вилы

Valery Fokin, a Kirov pensioner, 70 years old, writer, journalist, member of the Union of writers of Russia:

“If I am in my one-bedroom apartment paid 5 thousand rubles, now reaches 7 thousand. Significantly and the increase in food prices. How to live and feed themselves in the constant growth of prices for food? Many had to be abandoned, is now less likely to eat fruits, meat, fish, cheese. Cheese cakes have become almost a festive dish.

Россиян допекла власть и лично Путин: готовы браться за вилы

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Adopted pension reform will affect my children. But how this reform influenced the rating of the authorities! Officials had to come up with stuff like mass renaming of airports. Nonsense! Tried Patriotic to distract people from this nightmare with the pension reform, VAT increase etc. But it turned out another reason for aggravation of a split society.

Endless theme — sanctions. So much noise in order to cover up their economic and social failures of power! At the same time — Ukraine. I’m on current issues expressed on his Facebook page. At the protest, as before, I now problematic on crutches to walk, so are active in social networks. For example, the poetic line “To the long-suffering people,” he wrote.

I think 2019 for ordinary people will be even more difficult than 2018. All the difficulties because of the incompetence of government, the offspring of which became the other, the most dangerous problem — the unprecedented scale of corruption. What to talk about, even if we have the custody of the law in such cases declare the wanted list? It’s a shame for our Kirov oblast. Vyatka was never rich. But “Vikings”-the governors and the head of administration of the regional center can make it a poor. Their new “optimizations” they deprive people of the past. Bring “the baggage” of his assistants, appoint their Ministers, introduce for the “bread place”. The Perm officials have changed Moscow and Kazan. Strangers overcome the most lucrative business for local entrepreneurs. And impose new levies from the population, for example, in the form of a “garbage tax.”

Harder to balance on the edge of poverty. In 2019 would have to strain all forces, to avoid falling even further.”

Россиян допекла власть и лично Путин: готовы браться за вилы

Irina Demidova, Pervouralsk, 34 years old, married, with husband and two children:

“25 thousand we pay the mortgage, daycare, we spent 10 thousand rubles, and still spend a lot on petrol — 8 thousand per month. And almost nothing remains. But taxes, insurance on the car and other expenses.

My husband has to work weekends to earn more. I get rid of the unwanted children’s clothes, from baby furniture. Sell on “Craigslist” and so earn. It is a necessity, because everything is more expensive.

Most of all, in my experience, the more expensive necessities — milk, meat, cheese. Go to the cheaper products, there was less beef. Cheaper to buy a chicken, but it went. Diapers and baby food are looking for only stock in stores, on the Internet. Financial situation of the family deteriorated, became heavier. Save up for something do not work. Previously, it was possible to somehow, without having loans, to save up and then buy the same furniture, for example. Now either the loan or the installments. The only way. Generally the air is filled with the phrase “no money”, say friends, relatives.

“United Russia” decides some parochial issues. Here, hung mailboxes in the stairwell, and two days on TV talked about it! Like it’s the most serious problem in the city. But it is silly to stick out the solution to such small tasks. In crisis is guilty, of course, the Russian government. Putin has clearly stayed too long”.

Россиян допекла власть и лично Путин: готовы браться за вилы

Eugenia Elvira, Perm, 29 years old:

“I run the organization, which is engaged in construction and retail trade. 28 thousand spent on mortgage, 6 thousand — to the communal. The remaining funds spend on food. Something to not get put off. Moreover, due to lack of funds we had to take a loan. There was a day when even the bread had no money. Due to the cost we declined coffee, mayonnaise, eggs. Now high — sausages for stock or stew. Mostly buy cereals, buckwheat, pasta. Tea take the cheapest. This time even on New year’s alcohol is not bought. Only one bottle of champagne was.

We have also stopped buying clothes, going to the cinema, beauty salons. If I had a manicure at the master, now doing it herself. Restrict ourselves to the purchases of automotive products. In society are lingering revolutionary sentiment. I think, and this is in agreement with me friends and colleagues, we are waiting for various strikes and rallies. The people have run out of patience, people are evil and therefore everything is possible.

The Russian authorities do not solve pressing internal problems. They are not talking from TV screens — there are mainly Syria, Ukraine, Western sanctions. And about Ukraine, we’re lying. I have a friend recently was in contact with relatives in Ukraine, and they said that they’ve got everything right.

In addition to the increase of prices in the country now there are many other processes that are of concern. This, for example, the monopolization of the consumer market in large chains, small grocery stores simply makes no sense to open. On the other hand, it is impossible to have a normal, profitable tender, because often it wins one and the same company. It creates the appearance of public procurement.

Critical speak about the police, which did not find the criminals who robbed our store in 2017. When we the second time I was trying to get the attackers, the police just said, “You understand that we can’t find anyone, why write a statement?”.

Bad works and our health. For example, we once tried three days to call a doctor for a sick grandmother.

We first decided to organize officially, a girl who came from Tajikistan. And time has not filed a notice. First, the migration service has fined me 35 thousand rubles, and then filed for our organization to court. And we was fined 400 thousand. And here the point was for us to act according to the law, to arrange a foreign citizen officially, if we could, like others, to make it unofficially and not to run into fines? Now this girl has quit. And the penalty we have not paid. Asked installments, because we have no money. I think that 2019 will be the most critical in the history of Russia. Somehow all coming to the peak. Too long chain of negative processes lined up.

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, the government wrote the laws for themselves, which is growing anger in society. The elections are lured movie tickets and lotteries. The Prime Minister said: “there is no money, but you hold on,” by raising the retirement age, taxes are rising. There is nothing positive! So, probably, people will soon take up pitchforks. If a large-scale protest will be, I most likely will go.”

Россиян допекла власть и лично Путин: готовы браться за вилы

Tatiana Kozlowski, Zagar, a pensioner, veteran of labour pensions:

“I’m 62 years, I the veteran of work in retirement. Get 9 thousand rubles. A lot of the money goes to the communal — 5 thousand. And we have counters set to this out of 6.5 thousand.

It is necessary to save or to indulge in something. I would like to buy more fish, fruit. To keep the cattle has become expensive, food is expensive. Life has become much more difficult. Everything is expensive — food, communal. To delay nothing happens.

The village has always fed the city. What now? Villages disappear, the fields are overgrown. In our village I could not buy an apartment, everything was booked. Now I sell and apartments, and private homes. Because there is no work. We had a good farm. But there was only a sawmill, but they are idle.

Personally, I protest do not go. Husband goes. With regard to pension reform. The authorities completely forgot about the common man. How will he live? Men are physically hard to live up to 65 years. They barely make it to 60 and can not wait for this pension. And women difficult. In 2019, I think life will become even more difficult. If now those who fought against the Nazis in the war, looked at what is happening in the country, they would be horrified! And as soon as the government does not understand that his policy of cuts off the branch on which it sits?”

Россиян допекла власть и лично Путин: готовы браться за вилы

The Ukrainians could not pass up such a confession, and actively commented:”balm for the soul,” “But Crimea is yours” and “Let every bitch from 86%, to be responsible for my nervous five years!”.

Россиян допекла власть и лично Путин: готовы браться за вилы

Россиян допекла власть и лично Путин: готовы браться за вилы

Many people in Ukraine believe that the Russians don’t decide to do serious protest: “Only Rabbi for Vila not uslatest!”, “In North Korea much for the forks? Here in Russia not will be taken”, “Nothing in Russia is not going to happen this year or the next. Not that there are people that to take up their pitchforks, Waiting riot in Russia and especially the revolution is hopeless.”

Россиян допекла власть и лично Путин: готовы браться за вилы

Recall that the Russians went against the government: “until giraffes reached.”

As reported Politeka, the Russians made fun of Putin’s PR on the seals.

Also Politeka wrote that Russians are ready to overthrow Putin: “ceased to be the ideal.”

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