The Russians explained the reasons for sexual attraction to older women

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 Russians explained the reasons for sexual attraction to older women

Some young men may be sexually attracted to older women because of low self-esteem or relationship problems with their mother. This explanation was given by psychologists Anastasia Korneeva and Irina Baburina in an interview with Korneeva believes that one of the possible reasons for the sexual attraction of young men to mature women may be sexual imprinting. That is, if during the period of the formation of sexuality a man first experienced sexual arousal to a woman older than himself, then there is a possibility that, according to the laws of associative memory, this type of women will excite him further.

Another reason may be tensions with Mother. If a man in childhood lacked maternal love, care, affection, or her image was very cozy and desirable, but inaccessible, then in future relationships he will subconsciously strive to make up for this lack.

Korneeva also believes that the desire having an intimate relationship with an older woman can be an indication of a man's low self-esteem.

“Remember how cool it was as a child to communicate with those who are older? If you were accepted by a company of older guys, among peers it was an advantage. The same scheme is carried over to relationships,"— the psychologist explained.

Psychologist Irina Baburina said that a man can be attracted to mature ladies simply because he considers them to be aware of their sexual preferences and needs.

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