The Russian pensioner was killed and eaten by Ukrainians: “the remains collected in the streets”

Российская пенсионерка убила и съела украинца: "останки собирали по улицам"

In Russia the pensioner was killed and eaten by Ukrainians who shot it

A terrible incident occurred in the Russian village of Berezovka near Khabarovsk in the end of January, but in the media recently surfaced new shocking details of the crime.

He told local investigators, in the village around heating were found fragments of the bodies of men.

“They found 52-year-old man who rented a room from an 80-year-old woman. During the search in the apartment criminalists found blood belonging to the victim. In respect of the owner of apartment criminal case, it elected a measure of restraint in form of detention”, — militiamen told.

As found by the Russian media, the victim came to Russia from Ukraine and worked as a janitor. In turn the pensioner had worked with sabishisa on a pig farm.

Российская пенсионерка убила и съела украинца: "останки собирали по улицам"

“She was a cannibal. The inside of the man found in her fridge, and the bones of the grandmother decided to throw away. But the dogs smelled the blood and carried off all the contents in the streets” — said the publication DVHab with reference to own sources in law enforcement bodies.

Neighbors of the pensioner also told that she abused alcohol and was always conflict.

“Actually, she’s always all the obscenities of the wing. One word angry Gran radioactive run” — remember people.

They also admit that at night heard from the apartment of the pensioner was heard loud knocking, like the chopping.

Российская пенсионерка убила и съела украинца: "останки собирали по улицам"

Journalists suspect that the woman may be involved in other disappearances. It is reported that her apartment was allegedly found the passport of a woman who disappeared years ago.

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Previously, we reported that a taxi driver is brutally murdered with a little kid in front of his mother. According to media reports, the militiaman tried to prevent the killing of the child, but to no avail.

It is known that a heinous crime occurred in Saudi Arabia. In the Muslim Holy city of Medina taxi driver killed 6-year-old child on the grounds of religious hatred.

As noted, the driver in advance asked on their way to the Mosque of the prophet Muhammad women, whether it is seidou. After receiving a positive response, he stopped the vehicle, pulled out of him, despite the cries of the passenger, Zakaria al-Jaber, and slit the boy’s throat with a broken bottle.

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As reported Politeka, criminals brutally murdered with a famous journalist.

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