The Russian Federation launched missile strikes on Kharkov. Pre S-300

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 Russia launched missile attacks on Kharkov. Previously S-300

In a number of regions of Ukraine late in the evening of February 11, an air raid alarm sounded. Explosions were heard in Kharkov. The information was confirmed by representatives of the authorities.

“Missile attacks on Kharkov. Preliminarily with S-300 missiles. Information about the destruction and the victims is now being clarified,” Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov wrote on his Telegram channel.

In turn, Governor Oleg Sinegubov He reported on his Telegram channel that there had been three pre-S-300 missile arrivals in Kharkiv, one of the infrastructure facilities was damaged.

Local publics report that there was a strong flash from the impact.
< br /> Later, Oleg Sinegubov said that a 35-year-old civilian man received shrapnel wounds as a result of strikes by the invaders. He was hospitalized, doctors are providing all the necessary assistance.

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