The Russian city was covered with poisonous smoke, “the Smell of the burning coal is just unbearable”

Российский город накрыло ядовитым дымом: "Запах горящего угля просто невыносим"

In the Chelyabinsk region of Russia settlements tightened by a veil of smog. Local residents complain that the reason for this was dangerous emissions of sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in the extraction of minerals, but local authorities prefer to withdraw from eye problems

“The naked eye can see, like a thick bluish smog covers everything within a radius of 20-30 kilometers from the slit, the smell of the burning coal is just unbearable. Impossible to breathe, adults and children cough, many allergies, asthma. Local authorities and the TV channels say that it’s just adverse weather conditions, people suffer”

“But why good windless, warm weather becomes for us an ecological disaster? With a fair wind, the smoke dissipated, but within a radius of five kilometers always felt the acrid smell of burning coal. Korkinsky mine looks like a volcano, spewing acrid lethal smoke,” complained the authors of the appeal to the local Governor.

Российский город накрыло ядовитым дымом: "Запах горящего угля просто невыносим"

In turn, the activist of the Bashkortostan branch of the Russian ecological party “Green” Rufina Sharapova on his page on Instagram showed visual footage of environmental disasters. In addition, she is using a drone to video proved that source of smog in the city of Sibai and around the Kizilsky district of the region is the korkinsky mine, which had been actively mined copper ore.

Российский город накрыло ядовитым дымом: "Запах горящего угля просто невыносим"

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The incident

“Green troops arrived in Sibay. Be aware of the developments with us!”, she wrote under the video. In the comments of the residents of the town said that the environmental group a long way. According to one of the users fires on the edge of the quarry began in mid-November, then the corrosive shroud. Many residents of the town has already begun a hard-hitting reaction to threat allocation. So, many of them now have asthma, rash, breathing problems. Last week the local started on the passport to issue a medical mask and activated carbon, the authorities also recommended to reduce walking with children.

At the same time, the head of administration of Chelyabinsk Evgeny Teftelev told about his vision of the situation. According to him, the relevant authorities already monitor the indicators, and the main reason he called the change winds.

Российский город накрыло ядовитым дымом: "Запах горящего угля просто невыносим"

“Rose of the winds is thus formed, changes direction, and a situation arises where our emissions can add something else from the outside. Perhaps the confluence of these circumstances leads to this. At hardware meeting the Governor was discussed. I understand that it bothers the inhabitants, we look at what measures we can take. The media reported that Korkino direction goes. Maybe with another..,” — said the Teftelev.

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