The Russian authorities expanded the “black list” of representatives of the European Union

Власти России расширили "черный список" представителей Евросоюза

Note sent to EU delegation in Russia.

The Russian authorities decided to expand the “black list” of representatives of the European Union in response to the EU restrictive measures against the Russians. According to the commentary of the Russian foreign Ministry, published on Friday, may 31, according to the with reference to the Correspondent.

“In recent years the European Union has noted a number of decisions that require the application against certain Russian citizens restrictive measures of a unilateral character. The basis for such solutions are unproven, and sometimes absurd charges against our compatriots,” — said in the message.

The Russian foreign Ministry recalled that Russia has repeatedly warned the EU from use in violation of international law instrument of unilateral sanctions.

“In connection with the adopted EU decisions openly declared that Russia reserves the right to proportionate response. In this regard, the Russian side decided on the extension return list of representatives of member States and EU institutions, who are denied entry to the territory of the Russian Federation. The number of defendants in the Russian list brought to parity with the list of the European Union”, — stressed in the Ministry.

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A note from the foreign Ministry informing about this step, sent to the EU delegation in Russia.

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