The Russian athlete has revealed the secret of success: “the correct dope to drink”

Российская спортсменка раскрыла секрет успеха: «Надо правильный допинг пить»

The young skater from Russia Anastasia Sabatova embarrass while chatting with their fans in Instagram

The athlete confirmed that doping.

Live 13-year-old skater Sabatova without hesitation he told about doping in Russian sport.

Российская спортсменка раскрыла секрет успеха: «Надо правильный допинг пить»

So, she said that for consistent performance in sports need to adopt the “right” drugs in the right doses.

Российская спортсменка раскрыла секрет успеха: «Надо правильный допинг пить»

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In the world

To the question “How consistent?” the Russian woman replied:

“How consistent? Drink a lot of doping and are stable. That’s all. Just need the right doping to drink.”

Anastasia Sabatova also spoke about the doping of athletes who train on the Moscow ice Palace “Crystal”.

“I wonder in a Crystal drink or not to drink? Of course, drinking,” — said the athlete.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that the famous Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova touched the word about doping at a press conference at the Australian Open. Russian woman for more than 10 years took Meldonium thinking that a cure.

In 2016, the tennis player made a statement that he did not know that her doctor prescribed Mildronate is a prohibited drug – Meldonium.

At a press conference during the Australian Open championship, the reporter asked a tricky question to Sharapova, who brought her up.

Overall depressed mood of the players after a bad performance after the 1/8 finals in the Australian Open finally spoiled unpleasant for her question.

A journalist asked whether it is more difficult to play tennis once was banned Meldonium.

On this question the Russian woman did not answer, but only a short cut.

“Other questions?”, — said Sharapova, and turned away from the reporter who asked the question.

Российская спортсменка раскрыла секрет успеха: «Надо правильный допинг пить»

We also wrote that the freestyle wrestler David modzmanashvili was stripped of the medals by the International Olympic Committee. Modzmanashvili was a silver medalist at the 2012 Olympic games in London.

The athlete needs in the near future to return the medal, and his results are already cancelled. International anti-doping Committee continues retesting doping samples of the athletes that participated in the games of different years.

Thus, in the doping test, then speaker for the national team of Georgia David Modzmanashvili found the banned drug oral-turinabol.

We will remind, the known sportswoman spoke about the events in Russia Show Putin.

As reported Politeka, the world champion of Cycling caught in a doping scandal.

Politeka also wrote that police raided the Russian biathletes: “threatened with imprisonment”.

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