The royal family remains silent after the deafening revelations in the Prince's book

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 The royal family remains silent after deafening revelations in Prince's book

Memoirs of the Duke of Sussex "Spare" appeared on the shelves of bookstores on January 10.

Among the startling announcements— Harry's account of a fight with his brother Prince William in 2019 that left him with 'visible injuries'.

The alleged confrontation occurred during a scandal in which the heir to the throne “grabbed me by the scruff of the neck” and “tumbled to the floor”, and Megan branded “difficult”, “rough” and “brusque,” writes Prince Harry, adding that William retreated but later returned “looking regretful and apologetic.”

The Duke of Sussex's memoir also recounts many difficult moments in the royal family:

  • King Charles begged his sons not to “turn my final years into misery” when they met at Prince Philip's funeral in April 2021.
  • William and Harry were concerned that their father marries Camilla, now queen consort.
  • The Duke of Sussex spoke about the last minutes next to the soon-to-be Elizabeth II before her death.
  • The prince has revealed the number of Taliban fighters he says he killed while serving in Afghanistan.
  • Harry also admitted to using various drugs as a teenager and called losing his virginity a “humiliating experience.”< /li>

Prince William's office at Kensington Palace, as well as Buckingham Palace and the Sussexes themselves, declined to comment on the release of the book and the exposure of the Windsor family problems.

The deafening silence of the royal palace is hardly surprising – for it to be embroiled in a protracted vendetta with estranged family members may be worse than turning a blind eye to “dirty laundry”. In a vacuum, the monarchy will be forced to endure obscene headlines in the media, knowing that over time they melt into the news.

But silence does not solve the palace's pressing problem. Public reaction to the scandalous excerpts from the book is divided. On the one hand, there is an opinion that Harry's revelations will damage the monarchy and undermine the position of the king at a time when he tries to show how the institution of the monarchy is being modernized.

Many are wondering if the moment will come when the palace will be forced to respond. Others, meanwhile, consider the Duke of Sussex's latest attack inappropriate and note that all families have disagreements and there is no need to put them on public display, and that Harry's approach might eventually backfire on him.

One thing is certain after reading the book – the extent of the duke's anger at being a “spare” duke. heir, is very large.

Many can sympathize with the sibling rivalry that the prince describes and other moments of his experience, but the harsh reality is that the monarchy is by its very nature hierarchical.
< br /> If the palace leaves the claims unanswered, it means that his story will become part of our collective memory of the royal family.

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