The romance of red: how to prepare for Valentine's Day Tu B'Av

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 Red romance: how to prepare for Tu B'Av Valentine's Day

If you are not afraid to be in the spotlight, then on Valentine's Day, immediately bet on red. Saturated, exciting, hot red color – it is passion and romance, audacity and elegance. Woman in red – it's always beautiful. Saturated, exciting, hot, it absolutely emphasizes individuality and, of course, tells about your feelings better than words.

The holiday of love, of course, is always a holiday of eroticism. Think in advance of your most passionate look and find the perfect set of sophisticated and seductive lingerie. For such a special occasion, choose from Jack Kuba boutiques that reflect the contradictory female nature, in which cute angels get along with grinning devils.

 The Romance of Red: How to Prepare for Tu B'Av Valentine's Day

Create a sensual look with a cheeky red set of the finest lace or a sexy-sensual set that will showcase both your rebellious spirit and romantic innocence. If you do not take courage, choose underwear with original lace details that will, as if by chance, peek out from under an evening dress. Fatal beauty or playful fairy – Whatever you decide to appear before the chosen one, elite underwear will bring your fantasy to life. Find lingerie that will be a gift for both of you at or in one of the chain's boutiques.
Still thinking about the place and details of the date? Match the script to… the outfit. In Crazy Line stores, you will certainly find clothes that you will fall in love with at first sight. If you were captivated by a loose dress of sensual red color – pave the path of love to the restaurant, where you will enjoy a gala dinner in this dress.

 The romance of red: how to prepare for Valentine's Day Tu B'Av

However, a romantic can be organized in a cozy home environment. Then put on a light summer blouse and classic dark jeans – and comfortable, and at the table you feel free. Do you want to look unbearably feminine? Then opt for a bright red set consisting of shorts and a – it harmoniously combines lightness, elegance, and mischievous notes. And think about cultural activities. For example, you can spend a festive evening at the cinema. Check out for clothing designs, ready-to-wear combinations and discount information. There would be an image, and everything else will be found.
Sometimes all you need – this is one striking detail. Shoes do an excellent job with the role of a loudly speaking accent of the outfit. On such a day, it is not a sin for a man to be henpecked. Wear stunning shoes from Lafayette Italy, and he himself will want to be under such a heel. Sharp-fashioned trendy models or timeless classics, laconic minimalism or memorable decor, only delicate Italian-made leather or an original combination of different materials – The choice is only limited by your preferences. Do not compromise with your desires and choose the pair that will put a bright end to your special look. Look for the dress shoes of the evening at or one of the chain's stores.

 The romance of red: how to prepare for Valentine's Day Tu B'Av

Whatever look you choose, no matter how you decide to spend this day, in any case, it will be a love story. A story that will remain a beautiful memory, and, perhaps, completely change your life.

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