The role of Israel in the elimination of Soleimani is revealed

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 Israel's role in killing Soleimani revealed

Israel played an important role in the elimination of the commander of the IRGC, Qasem Soleimani, who was killed by the Americans in Iraq.

Former head of Israeli military intelligence, Tamir Heyman, spoke about this in an interview with Jews News.

According to him, Israel was not just informed about the preparations for the liquidation of Suleimani at the Baghdad airport.

“Israel convinced the United States of Soleimani's malicious actions against the Americans. Prior to this, the US was mainly focused on fighting terror rather than Iran. We provided intelligence and shared analysis. This went on for a long period of time, and eventually the US became convinced that Soleimani posed an immediate threat to the lives of Americans and their strategic positions in the Middle East,” Heyman explained.

According to him, Soleimani believed The US is the main obstacle for Iran on its way to dominance in the region. For Israel, the threat posed by the commander of the IRGC was obvious.

“Soleimani was able to stand on a hill in Syria and point out exactly how to carry out the strategy that he developed and approved with the Supreme Leader of Iran in a few hours before. In 2016, Soleimani laid out a grand plan to make Syria a second Lebanon. This is Hezbollah 2.0, the transfer of Shiites to Syria. He would then control the Syrian government. He also had plans for Iraq and Yemen,” he added.

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