The ROC burst into a delirium of 14 February: “day of patients with hepatitis and tuberculosis”

В РПЦ разразились бредом из-за 14 февраля: «день больных гепатитом и туберкулезом»

Russian Orthodox Church opposed the celebration of the lovers and said that it is for patients.

As said Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov, along with him to celebrate the “day of patients with hepatitis and tuberculosis”, reported the observer.

In his own judgment it was based on that approved by who love disease, but these data have not acquired the semi-official evidence.

В РПЦ разразились бредом из-за 14 февраля: «день больных гепатитом и туберкулезом»

“The world health organization believes love is a disease. Lists the properties: rapid heartbeat, sweating hands, not up to the mark, it is permissible that the individual makes mistakes, walking on a known path, he increases the probability of getting under the car, he mistakes the phrase, associated it loses, is the emotion with the loss of sleep, fever. If celebrating Valentine’s day is the Day of TB patients, Day patients with hepatitis A, B, C. Who’s in love with is a very unsafe situation in any individual creates a lot of nonsense,” — said Smirnov.

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church also provided recommendations to war with this feeling. According to his judgment, love can lead man up to the suicide.

“This fasting and prayer. If a person over-excitement, he is obliged to resort to the Lord, because in this state it does not form a true solution. What threw love in the novel “Anna Karenina”? Beloved loved in man is immoral. Tragedy to death. What number of lovers kills themselves? In the army, soldiers gain a letter from home, means told that his so called “girl” began to walk with another young man. And then the crossbow or jump from somewhere. This is one of the psychological diseases hormonal”.

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Smirnov recommended the lovers to resort for support to psychologists and psychiatrists.

Recall that the astrologers told about the compatibility of Zodiac signs in honor of Valentine’s Day

В РПЦ разразились бредом из-за 14 февраля: «день больных гепатитом и туберкулезом»

According to experts in astrology, love is not the only thing that attracts people to each other. They believe that no less important is the role of their compatibility. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most compatible pairs in the Zodiac.


This pair is actually perfect. Lovers with these Zodiac signs are able to hear each other and understand what partner. In addition, representatives of these signs are loyal and create a truly comfortable environment for living. In their relationship there is no place for selfishness, only love and respect.

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