The robot vacuum cleaner escaped

 Robot Cleaner Escaped

A curious incident occurred at the Travelodge Hotel in Cambridge: a… robot vacuum cleaner escaped from there.

According to the BBC, the robot vacuum cleaner did not stop at the front door of the hotel, but slipped away to freedom. The disappearance of the robot vacuum cleaner was noticed after 15 minutes, and the search turned up nothing.

The hotel staff posted a story about the escape on social networks, urging possible eyewitnesses to return the robot. At the same time, the hotel representatives indicated that the robot is compatible with the charging station that was left in the hotel, so it is useless for everyone else.

Social media users joked that the robot vacuum cleaner enjoys its journey because he has no “natural enemies” in the wild.

The next day, the “fugitive” was found. A hotel employee was cleaning the street when he found the robot vacuum cleaner against the fence.

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