The robbery of the store of values ​​in Tel Aviv was organized by the “French”

The robbery of the treasure store in Tel Aviv was organized by the

Israeli media report on the progress of the investigation into the daring robbery of the Rotenium company on Ahad Ha Am Street in Tel Aviv on December 30.

Police are taking evidence from the owners of hacked safes and tries to assess the damage.

According to Rotenium, the robbers were two 50-year-old French men who spoke with a French accent in Hebrew. They were wearing masks for coronavirus. They opened an account with the company and even presented some identification documents.

The robbery occurred on December 30th when a & ldquo; prospect & rdquo; arrived at the vault and announced his intention to keep a large amount of money in cash. The meeting was arranged in advance, and therefore did not arouse suspicion. The guard opened the main gate and greeted the client, went with him to the store – and at that moment was attacked by his masked accomplices. A pistol was held to the guard's head. They tied the guard to a chair and began to break into the safes.

The bandits said to the guard: “We came to rob, don’t resist – and you will stay alive.”

The robbery lasted about an hour. An alarm went off, the robbers got scared and left the vault, leaving the guard tied to a chair. He managed to free himself only after a few hours, and only after that raise the alarm and call the police.

The company said that the & ldquo; alarm mechanisms & rdquo; began to act in a matter of minutes after the robbery, and also in a matter of minutes the guard managed to free himself and call the police. The company also emphasizes that the clients' property is insured by Lloyds and therefore “will be compensated accordingly”. The company claims that the robbers did not manage to endure much valuable.

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