The Rivka Zaide Method – how to get rid of acne and get radiant, smooth skin

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 The Rivka Zaide Method - how to get rid of acne and get radiant, smooth skin

Nearly 80 percent of people have experienced acne to some extent at least once in their lives. And each of them knows that this seemingly purely aesthetic problem greatly affects our psychological and emotional state, and, consequently, the quality of life. Acne on the face leads to self-doubt, makes you avoid social events, certain activities (sea, pool, bright places), romantic relationships, and in severe cases even work. It is quite difficult to get rid of acne permanently, so it is important to immediately contact a specialist, as if you self-treat, you can cause even more damage to your skin and your health.

 The Rivka Zaide Method - how to get rid of acne and get radiant, smooth skin

The only clinic in Israel that specializes exclusively in acne is the Rivka Zayde Laboratory, which has developed a unique method of getting rid of acne using high-tech devices and its own line of natural cosmetics. The percentage of successful treatment in this clinic is impressive – about 92% of patients (and this is more than 50,000 people) completely got rid of acne, found smooth and radiant skin. The clinic has solutions for all types of acne, from mild stages to the most severe and hormonal.

The founder of the laboratory, Rivka Zaide, has been working as a cosmetologist for 22 years, and she herself suffered from acne at one time. Twenty years ago, she brought to Israel a natural herbal treatment, which she learned in a medical cosmetology course in Berlin. Together with her husband, Roni Zeida, a biochemist by profession, they set up a laboratory and developed special products based on this method.

Treatment is individual for each patient, from the level of dosages of ingredients to the processing of the mask that he receives in the clinic. In addition, the treatment includes the use of a unique phototherapy machine, the only one in Israel, with 5 different light waves, which treat inflammation, renew the skin and blur post-acne spots.

First, a consultation and adaptation session is held, after which the patient must come once a month for treatment to the clinic (Migdal Besser 3, Bnei Brak) and use the necessary means daily according to the plan issued to him in the clinic.

Treatment is not has a negative impact on the quality of life – the clinic's specialists do not limit patients in nutrition and do not prohibit physical activity.

This is a unique, painless and effective way that does not harm the body and does not cause any side effects, therefore The treatment is also suitable for pregnant women. One of the main components of the method is preparations that are developed and produced in the laboratories of the clinic in Israel based on natural ingredients and medicinal plants. All preparations have been approved by the Ministry of Health.

Looking at the patients of the clinic, it is impossible to guess that they suffered from acne in the past. If you also want to get rid of acne forever, get radiant, smooth skin and self-confidence – do not try to solve the problem on your own, contact the specialists of Rivka Zayde Laboratory.

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