The right dog food is the key to animal health

Properly selected dog food & mdash; pledge of animal health

Pet health is largely dependent on nutrition. You can cook food yourself, but this can harm the four-legged, because the owners cannot always make a balanced diet. The best option & mdash; buy dog ​​food In such products, manufacturers add all the necessary vitamins, macro- and microelements in the correct proportion. It is worth considering that before choosing a dog food, you should consult a veterinarian.

The assortment of the Auchan store offers a variety of products for dogs of different ages, breeds and body characteristics.

Leaders The following products are considered market sales:

  • Dry food with various additives. The most popular & ndash; with chicken and beef. In addition to meat, vegetables and cereals are added to the product. With a carefully selected food, all systems of the animal's body will function well. If the four-legged has problems with the kidneys and other organs, then you need to choose a treatment option.
  • Cookies. It is usually given as a treat. Such feeding will help in the upbringing of the pet and simply bring him even more positive emotions. Usually, a large amount of Omega-3 is added to such a product. The composition contains calcium, retinol, tocopherol.
  • Meat sticks. They contain a lot of proteins. In stressful situations or when the pet is just getting used to a new home, the product will help the pet calm down.
  • Canned food with sauce (turkey, liver, etc.). This option is more suitable in case of inflammation in the oral cavity or in case of problems with teeth or stomach.

The above products can be found on the shelves. If you want to get some dog treats at a discounted price, don't forget to check out Auchan promotions.

To do this, go to the appropriate section in the category. Great deals come often, not just before the holidays.

Home delivery of nutritious dog food

If you don't know how to make a balanced diet for your pets , it is better to order a finished product. The Auchan catalog contains a variety of tasty treats for four-legged ones.

In case of problems with the pet's gastrointestinal tract, choose a wet food with a medicinal composition.

The advantage of this food is that it is developed by veterinarians … Such a product does not contain components that are difficult for the digestive system to absorb.

The problem of where to find and buy dog ​​food without leaving home has been solved. There is an option to receive purchases with delivery from Auchan. The cost of transportation is low even to the most remote area of ​​Kiev. Residents of the capital can pick up purchases on their own at the warehouse. And if you are from another settlement of Ukraine, then the products can be picked up at the Nova Poshta branch.


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