The rich started hunting under the threat of hundreds of people

На богачей открыли охоту: под угрозой сотни человек

Rich people now under the hood

The British decided to find out the legality of the income of the rich.

The national Agency for the fight against crime in the UK (NCA) began to collect information about the origin of funds 140 the wealthy from abroad. This list a significant number of Russians.

На богачей открыли охоту: под угрозой сотни человек

Special attention of the officers of the NCA will pay attention to those who have account with more than 50 thousand pounds.

Note that on Foggy Albion has adopted the law “About criminal Finance”, which oblige the authorities to investigate the origin of the state. In case of doubt, the authorities can even

to freeze Bank accounts and arrest of the Nouveau riche.

If “the rich Pinocchio” decide to lie, then this is equivalent criminal offense.

As previously reported, the richest man in the world blackmailing spicy photos.

The richest man in the world and founder of Amazon, the 54-year-old Jeff Bezos, has accused the edition of the National Enquirer and its publisher David Pecker blackmail. This Bezos said in his blog on the portal

According to the billionaire, the journalists threatened by the spread of personal intimate photos that he is in correspondence sent to your 49-year-old sweetheart Lauren Sanchez.

Representatives from the National Enquirer require Jeff to adjourn the investigation (businessman started it to find out where the journalists were compromising), as well as to make a formal statement that materials that have been placed in the National Enquirer, have nothing to do with politics.

Jeff said: “They will publish these personal photos, if I don’t make the false statements in the media. According to their requirements, we must say that we have no reason to believe that the coverage of American Media Inc. was politically motivated or had been influenced by political forces.”

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На богачей открыли охоту: под угрозой сотни человек

Edition of the Washington Post, which, incidentally, is owned by Bezos, regularly criticizes U.S. President Donald trump. While David pecker, publisher of the National Enquirer, actively supports trump.

As you know, the divorce Bezos with his wife Mackenzie. Fault the breakup was Roman businessman. Mistress Bezos was a 49-year-old wife of Hollywood agent. An affair can cost Jeff Bezos about $ 69 billion — the money the ex-wife get in the divorce.

Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie Bezos have lived together for more than 25 years. But for the past eight months, Amazon founder unfaithful spouse with some Laura Sanchez — the wife of one of the most influential agents of talent in Hollywood Patrick Whitsel.

Recall that the main rich of the football world.

As reported Politeka, Jeff Bezos for one evening earned a record billions.

Politeka also wrote that well-known businessman “punish” billions of dollars.

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