The results of the genetic test – the biological parents of the embryo are unknown

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 Genetic test results -- embryo's biological parents unknown

A genetic test has rejected the couple's claim that they are the biological parents of a fetus mistakenly implanted in a woman who was not his mother during fertility treatment at the Assuta Medical Center in Rishon Lezion.

The baby is due within the next few days, and last week the Lod District Court ruled that a genetic test should be done “immediately” to identify the biological parents.

However, the test has shown that the couple claiming to be the parents have no genetic connection to the fetus.

The hospital will now need to test about 40 potential women to identify with certainty the biological mother of the embryo. When this happens, a legal process will follow to determine who will receive custody of the newborn.

This case was unprecedented in Israeli medical and legal practice.

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