The result is obvious: Rivka Zayde's unique acne treatment technique

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 The result is obvious: Rivka Zaide's unique acne treatment technique

About 80% of people experience acne problems at various stages of life, and the causes of acne outbreaks can be very diverse. Israeli Rivka Zaide, together with her biochemist husband Roni Zaide, created her own unique, drug-free and contactless method of getting rid of acne and its consequences using high-tech devices and her own brand of care products based on natural ingredients and medicinal plants that do not cause

Among the most common causes of acne, experts call:

Hormonal imbalance strong>- during adolescence, before menstruation, during pregnancy, the amount of male hormones such as testosterone and androsterone increases in the blood, then the production of sebum is stimulated and excess sebum secretion occurs.

Improper nutrition – Eating large amounts of sugar, fats (eg, fried, fatty dough) and dairy products can provoke and aggravate acne. Bacteria are known to feed on sugars, so overeating sugary foods will help them thrive. Eating fried foods rich in fats contributes to excess accumulation of fat in the blood, which can also affect the formation of excess fat on the skin of the face. Dairy products contain hormones that are known to be the main and main cause of acne.

Stress– during difficult periods of life, when a person is in a state of stress, the body begins to produce the hormone cortisol in excess amounts, and it, in turn, increases the production of sebum, which leads to clogged pores and inflammation.

Genetic predisposition – genetics can also trigger an acne flare-up, especially if there are additional causes. It has been proven that a person who has at least one parent with acne has an increased chance of having the same problem one day.

HygieneHealthy skin starts with clear skin. Acne can be caused by dead skin cells that are not properly removed, bacteria and poor hygiene, which on oily skin can cause breakouts.

Specialization of the Rivka Zaide Clinic – these are acne problems on the face and on the body, from its mildest stages to the most severe, regardless of its causes, acne that comes back again and again after other courses of treatment. In addition, the clinic has developed a special system for people suffering from the consequences of acne, a painless and high-quality method based on the latest technologies that promote the renewal of deep skin layers. The percentage of successful treatment in this clinic, which has been in existence for 22 years, is impressive – about 92% of complete elimination of acne.

The advantage of the method is that Rivka Zaide has developed a special program that significantly improves skin condition, but while not harming other body systems, like some other ways to get rid of acne, such as drugs. This is a natural, drug-free and non-contact method that has no side effects.

The exclusive technique is based on complex treatment in the clinic and at home. An individual treatment program is selected for each patient, depending on the type of problem. Among the clients of the clinic are people who come from all over Israel and even from abroad.

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