The resourceful Chinese woman buys a product using machines on the remote: videofact

Винахідлива китаянка купує продукти за допомогою машинки на пульті: відеофакт

The machine allows women to buy food without leaving home

A resident of China Chen Tao came up with, again not to leave home and to avoid crowded places where you can catch the coronavirus. To buy products in the shops, it has adapted the Land Rover on the radio: it equipped it with cameras and microphone to communicate with sellers.

Local TV channel CGTNН drew attention to the original way of shopping in the epidemic. In an interview with Chen Tao said that due to the radio-controlled car they don’t need to leave home, putting themselves at risk of catching the infection.

She wouldn’t leave the apartment for more than 20 days – all this time, bringing her food toy Land Rover Defender. He pulls a trailer with a basket in which the sellers make food. After each “RAID” the woman thoroughly disinfects the machine and products.

Recall that infection of coronavirus nCoV 2019 that common in China has already led to the suspension of several automobile plants. In February began to close and enterprises outside of China because of the countries do not supply components. First among foreign companies stopped pushing Hyundai – in the beginning of the month was stopped conveyor plant in South Korea.

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