The regional gas companies in Ukraine: why they are needed and can we do without them

Облгазы в Украине: зачем они нужны и можно ли обойтись без них

How important for Ukrainian consumers, the regional gas companies

In our country, the gas companies appeared in the mid-twentieth century, when settlements started to gasify.

Organizations have to be responsible for the safety of the use of “blue fuel” and that the consumer received it. Across the country in allagash has about 50 thousand employees. They contain the operating status of equipment, go on calls, eliminate accidents, maintain consumers.

Облгазы в Украине: зачем они нужны и можно ли обойтись без них

The work of the gasman is associated with risk, since they ensure the safety of consumers. And from work of employees of regional gas companies may affect the health and life of Ukrainians.

Ukraine has 347 thousand km of gas distribution pipelines, 63 thousand units of equipment. And gas-distribution networks – equipment tens of thousands. All this “wealth” helps the gas get into our homes.

Network served by regional gas companies and gas distribution company.

Облгазы в Украине: зачем они нужны и можно ли обойтись без них

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The network, which is gas, is actively built in the 60-70-ies of the last century. They were in hasanori. In the 90-ies hasanori disappeared, and in their place appeared PJSC “regional gas”, which was privatized. Interestingly, the then head of “Naftogaz” Igor Bakai in 1998 tried this privatization to oppose. From time to time it is possible.

However, when the head of state is Viktor Yanukovych, the shares of regional gas companies have gone from state to private owners.

Thus, during the privatization process from the list of privatized property seized network, and now they “hang” on the balance of the gas companies, who are forced to serve them.

Networks today are in limbo – some of them are owned by the state and part privately owned or cooperatives.

The regional gas companies, as utilities and power companies, natural monopolies. Agree that hardly anyone will dare to lay in another line or sewer pipe.

The operation of such natural monopolies is watching the state, but rather the national Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities (NKREKU).

Have NKREKU have access to all regional gas companies. It is important to understand that the Commission determines the amounts of tariff revenue for each gas distribution company. We will remind that last time tariffs for the distribution of gas was established at the end of 2015.

Often, the Ukrainians claim arises relative to the pipeline, which they laid themselves to their homes. And consumers don’t understand why they have to pay and the delivery of “blue fuel”.

The gas companies appeal to the fact that gas consumers receive from deposits located in Eastern or Western Ukraine, but also from other countries.

As you know, the cost of gas in Ukraine 8, 55 UAH per cu. m. Of these, 56 cents “removed” for the delivery and maintenance of networks. If consumers will not pay these “penny”, the system will quickly come into disrepair.

Облгазы в Украине: зачем они нужны и можно ли обойтись без них

It is almost impossible to maintain the pipeline on their own. This will entail obtaining a license, the training of highly skilled specialists, creating a service and emergency services. Then gas the consumer will be much more expensive!

Based on this, cheaper and without the headaches of hiring a professional timing company that will service the network.

By the way, these companies are not making money hand over fist. Them from 8.55 UAH gets 56 cents (7.2 per cent). The funds received and maintain the network, pay salaries, buy fuel for the “emergency gang”, repair and install counters. Note, incidentally, that 56 cents for all expenses of the enterprises do not cover.

Every year the state spends on the development of gas distribution networks 300 million UAH. The money NKREKU takes of those most notorious of 56 cents.

Experts estimate that this 24 UAH per kilometer of pipeline per month (recall that we have 347 thousand km of networks). This amount ever so small, it barely enough to do a passable fix some part of the network or replace leaky equipment.

Облгазы в Украине: зачем они нужны и можно ли обойтись без них

Consumers require the installation of the gas meter for free. At the end of last year, the Supreme court of Ukraine ruled the gas company are installing the meters for tariff funds. But those who are obliged to do, oppose, arguing that not enough money.

That is, to 3 million consumers received gas meters for free, you need about 7 billion UAH, and the Commission allocates only UAH 0.5 billion per year.

Recall that the gas for Ukraine achieved a record price.

As reported Politeka, gas in Ukraine is disappearing faster than last year.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukraine can rise to the production of its own gas.

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