The quarantine left sports commentator without a job, but he did not lose: funny video

Карантин залишив спортивного коментатора без роботи, але він не розгубився: кумедні відео

Commentator quarantined fun at 100

There is no doubt that there were still people somehow, and touched the coronavirus. Among those who left for quarantine without a job, there are sports commentators. However, our new hero was not taken aback. He just comments on everything he sees around. Enjoy!

English commentator Nick Heath, specialising in Rugby, has demonstrated that sports commentator is not necessary to comment on just a sport. The true commentator will find fascinating, even in the most ordinary phenomena around.

Nick began posting on his Twitter account a video in which he sports in a passionate style, comments a completely normal phenomenon. So, comments in English, but believe me, you don’t need to know the language below from the first seconds to get a gambling mood nick. For example, a video in which Nick commented on the pedestrian street.

Wow! Not surprisingly, the video went viral and this week gained 3.7 and 13.3 thousands of retweets, thousands of likes. But even more popular was the video, which Nick says the game two dogs – 5 thousand retweets and 17.5 thousand likes in four days.

And, of course, we can’t help but remember the finals in the shot put wheelchair. Already captures the spirit. And not only us: 1.5 thousand retweets and 6 thousand likes.

The rest see the video without comment:

And don’t forget to use our vdeos behavior during the quarantine:

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