The psychologist told about the negative effects of gadgets on intelligence

Психолог рассказала о негативном влиянии гаджетов на интеллект

Constant consumption of information can hurt people.

Recently Lyudmila Her, respected psychologist, said that every year the line between smart and stupid people is erased, and not in the direction of smart. All about gadgets: during content consumption the brain is not able to think, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

The human brain is designed so that it first receives new information and then processing it. And since we never leave the equipment, the time to think remains. Perhaps, already, some areas of the brain have started to atrophy.

Today people do not have the skills to build complex smart objects: the predominant part of the thinking surface, we are not accustomed to fathom it.

Scientists during a research has found that people are constantly consuming information from different sources, are at times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s. However, the risk is greatly reduced if you read: in this scenario, 40% of the time the person thinks, says.

Scientists have warned about the dangers of 5G communication for bee health

Modern people find it difficult to be smart not fashionable. What will hyperinformation environment, no one knows. Maybe evolution will go the opposite way.

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