The prosecutor's office terminated the deal with the officer who photographed the soldiers

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 The prosecutor's office terminated the deal with the officer who photographed the soldiers

The Attorney General's Office has decided today, September 7, to withdraw from the plea agreement signed with Lieutenant Colonel Dan Sharoni.

The decision was made after carefully reviewing the details of the signed agreement, re-testifying the victims and obtaining their current position on the settlement, after which the authorities gave Sharoni an update on the intention to withdraw from the settlement and heard his position on this issue.

Having studied the case as a whole, and given the seriousness of the offenses attributed to Sharoni and the severe harm he had caused to the victims, the prosecutor concluded that the public interest required a withdrawal from the settlement. The victims were also informed about the decision.

According to the signed plea agreement, Sharoni had to admit seventy serious offenses of obscenity, invasion of privacy, invasion of computer materials and other crimes. The officer was charged with three counts of tampering with computer materials, one count of interfering with a military police officer, and one count of misconduct.

According to the plea agreement reached by the parties, subject to the approval of a special court, Sharoni was to be demoted to a private, and he was also to pay monetary compensation to the victims, in the total amount of about a quarter of a million shekels.

After termination The plea deal would require an actual prison sentence of several years, which would reflect the seriousness of his crimes.

The plea deal caused great public outcry, with many victims claiming that it harmed them and lessened the severity of the crimes. , the military prosecutor's office explains that the victims stated at the court session that some of them did not understand the decision, that the explanation given to them was inadequate and insufficient, and that they were not given enough time to express their position in relation to it. A large number of victims expressed their feelings with a simple equation: a plea deal as it is for them presented, in fact means a preference for the rehabilitation of criminals over the rehabilitation of victims.

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