The propaganda of the Kremlin staged a “hot” reception in Europe. Video

Пропагандистке Кремля устроили "горячий" прием в Европе. Видео

Video man offends in every possible way Skobeevo.

The top propagandist of the Kremlin Olga Skobeeva again was in the midst of ridicule after the network showed video of a hot reception she received during one of his trips to Paris in April 2019.

“Oh, darling*Friday Putin! Mutt!” cried, noticing her witness and began to shoot at the camera. It is these images and then hit the net.

They are a man offends in every possible way Skobeevo, but she continues to talk on the phone.

Published footage of the aftermath of the terrible accident that claimed the life of a legendary player. Video

Users also ridiculed the incident. “Gotcha! Without an environment of Regardie!”, “You can see forever”, “Sensation! In Paris discovered a talking toilet tank!” – they write in the comments.

Caution! In the video there is profanity

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