The prohibition of abortion in the fifth state in the United States triggered mass protests

Запрет абортов в пятом штате США спровоцировал массовые протесты

Women protest.

The American Governor of Louisiana John Bel Edwards signed a law that prohibits abortion after you can hear the fetal heartbeat, writes the with reference for a New time.

The bill was developed with the support of Senator John Milkovich and approved in the Louisiana state legislature. Voted for by 79 senators vs was 29.

“The abortion industry is waging war against our children right on our doorstep. And we decided to take part in the fight against abortion through law and prayer to stop the terrible crime of infanticide,” said Milkovich.

The law in Louisiana will not take effect if the Federal court would not support a similar bill in Mississippi. He was temporarily blocked due to possible inconsistencies with the Constitution. The U.S. Supreme court legalized abortion in 1973.

Trump demanded the government of Mexico

Recently, similar laws were passed in Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia and Alabama.

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