The priest spoke about the state of the machine Needs it

Священник рассказал о состоянии Шумахера: Нуждается в этом

New details have become known about the condition of the racer Michael Schumacher

Legendary German Formula 1 driver Michael Summer recovering from a serious traumatic brain injury, which he received at a ski resort. Archbishop Georg Ganswein told about the meeting with the racer in 2016:

“I was sitting in front of Schumacher, held his hands and looked at him. He is the same Michael Schumacher we all know, only a little plumper. Michael feels that all around him are loving people who care about him. And they keep it away from the too curious public”

Священник рассказал о состоянии Шумахера: Нуждается в этом

Also Ganswein said Schumacher needed peace and solitude:

“The family is a protective nest. Michael needs this. Of course, I pray for him and his family.”

Священник рассказал о состоянии Шумахера: Нуждается в этом

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Recall, December 29 2013 Michael Schumacher fell while skiing, having strongly hit the head about a stone. He received multiple injuries both brain hemispheres. Within two years the doctors gave Michael several operations by placing the rider in a state of artificial coma in which he spent almost half a year.

In 2014, Schumacher was discharged from the hospital to his home in Switzerland where he is under the supervision of experts. According to the data, the driver is in a wheelchair and has serious problems with memory and speech.

As previously reported, Schumacher will take part in the Race of Champions, which will be held 19-20 January in Mexico city. Mick Schumacher, the champion of the European Formula-3 and the son of seven-time champion Formula 1 Michael Schumacher, will participate in traditional Race of Champions.

“I want to say I’m looking forward to participate in the Race of Champions 2019. I’m going to play for team Germany with Sebastian Vettel. Really looking forward to this and really looking forward to attack from the other, to get the maximum and win the title, I’ll see you,” said Schumacher Junior.

Священник рассказал о состоянии Шумахера: Нуждается в этом

We will remind, relatives of the sevenfold champion of “Formula-1” Michael Schumacher told about the status of a legendary racer. Relatives Schumacher in every way protects him from the media attention. However, in anticipation of the Grand Prix “Formula 1” in Belgium, they decided to tell me how it feels to champion.

Schumacher regularly trains in the pool, but still can’t walk. How to tell the relatives, Michael suffers greatly, he cannot speak and has memory problems. “Can’t walk or be alone”, – they reported the French media.

Close Schumacher say that he communicates with gestures. Sometimes, to stimulate memory, include the sound of the engine.

“When we put him in a wheelchair in front of the magnificent panorama of the mountains overlooking the lake, it so happens that weep,” they told reporters.

Recall that Forbes named the highest paid sportsmen in history.

As reported Politeka, there is information about the status of a legendary racer.

Politeka also wrote that the family Schumacher spent a shocking amount of treatment of the athlete.

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