The President’s motorcade got into a scandal because of the rough ride in the center: “Parasite servants”, the video

Кортеж президента угодил в скандал из-за грубой езды в центре: "Паразит с челядью", видео

In the Internet appeared the video, as the motorcade of the President grossly violated the rules of the road directly in the city centre

This is stated on the page “Professor Preobrazhensky” in the social network.

“The car of the President of Latvia have grossly violated the rules in the centre of Riga: turned to the left where is permitted only a right turn. The President of Latvia – lo*. The ride should be as it is today Medvedev in Krasnodar — and there will be no violations,” — said in the message.

Note that the published shots have led to “explosion” of Internet users.

“The leader of the Papuans”, “stand and honking and one guy with a stick stops the mass amount of terpenes”, “shame”, “I don’t understand why they were such a Suite,” parasite “servants”, “the pack is gone,” they write.

As previously reported, the President’s motorcade was hit by nine-year-old boy who was riding a scooter.

Кортеж президента угодил в скандал из-за грубой езды в центре: "Паразит с челядью", видео

Write about the Polish edition. Clarifies that the incident occurred in the town of Oswiecim.

Reported to the President of Poland Andrzej Duda immediately stopped the convoy and got out of the car. According to preliminary data, the boy is taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with a fractured knee. The passengers of the presidential motorcade, including the President, also was not injured.

Press Secretary of the President Blazej Spychalski has reported that communication with the parents of the injured boy.

We will add, may 31, in Kiev, prospect Grigorenko near the metro station “Poznyaki” car of the presidential motorcade hit a child on a Bicycle in a crosswalk. From the event reported by witnesses that the child along with a bike was thrown to one hundred meters away.

As reported Politeka in the Administration of the President of Ukraine denied media reports that the car from the cortege Pen Poroshenko hit the cyclist on a pedestrian crossing.

Кортеж президента угодил в скандал из-за грубой езды в центре: "Паразит с челядью", видео

We will remind, the network told the police, and did not get to work due to an accident in Kiev.

As reported Politeka, the chief of police was stabbed by the city Council, the reason for striking.

Also Politeka wrote that Kharkiv was shaken by a new terrible accident, where the foreign car has rammed a minibus with passengers.

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