The President has prepared a “deal of the century”: “the peace Treaty will solve years of conflict”

У президента подготовили «сделку века»: «мирный договор решит многолетний конфликт»

The presidential administration has drafted a peace agreement on the issue of the disputed territories, which has been dubbed “the deal of the century”

We are talking about a document designed to settle the differences between Israel and Palestine, the development of which was engaged in the administration of the President of the United States. That the work on the agreement came to an end, reported the American edition of Fox News citing sources.

As it became known, the final document has turned out a volume of 150-200 pages, and fully the content of the familiar “less than five”. Journalists say that the US President Donald trump was pleased with the plan.

Document plan to publish after the parliamentary elections in Israel on 9 April, as the authors are concerned that its earlier disclosure would jeopardize the security of the country.

У президента подготовили «сделку века»: «мирный договор решит многолетний конфликт»

Note that Donald trump promised to develop a “deal of the century”, which once and forever will solve the differences between Israel and Palestine ever since its elected President. In two years of reign, he has managed to sign a decree on the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. After this, the leaders of the Palestinians have stated that the US cannot be a mediator in middle East negotiations.

У президента подготовили «сделку века»: «мирный договор решит многолетний конфликт»

Earlier it was reported that the President of the United States Donald trump in January 2019 presented in the Pentagon’s Review report on ballistic missile defense (BMD), which contains, in particular, the plan to contain Russia and China.

The document notes the current danger of Iran and North Korea to the United States, but special attention is paid to the threat of the future hypersonic cruise missiles and space weapons created by China and Russia.

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Moreover, it is indicated that the NATO allies are supposed to defend themselves not only from Iran but also from Russia, and — at his own expense, buying weapons including the United States.

One of the proposals involves the use of anti-aircraft missiles SM-3 Block IIA as interceptors of ballistic missiles of intermediate and Intercontinental range.

Another proposal, which is spelled out in the review of 2019, was listed on the basis of location of Fort Greely (AK) 20 ground-based systems to intercept ballistic missiles. Currently in the U.S. there are 44 similar to the complex located, except Fort Greely, based on Vandenberg (CA).

We will remind that journalists have found a secret bunker of the President: “all amenities”.

As reported Politeka, meeting with trump’s namesake turned to the incident.

Also Politeka wrote that the aggression of the Russian Federation will check trump’s strength: the expert voiced a shocking forecast.

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