The Pope appealed to the Hungarians and Romanians

Папа Римский обратился к венграми и румынам

The Pontiff visited Transylvania.

Pope Francis called on ethnic Hungarians and Romanians to leave disagreements in the past during a visit to Transylvania, writes the with reference on the European truth.

More than 80,000 people gathered on the slopes around one of the most popular Catholic shrines in Romania, temple Smule-Ciuc to see the Pope on the second day of his visit to the country.

Transylvania, which was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the end of the First world war, has a significant Hungarian minority, and there from time to time there was friction between ethnic Hungarians and Romanians.

Ethnic Hungarians, most of whom are Catholics in contrast to the predominantly Orthodox Romanians are the largest minority in Romania.

In his sermon, pointing to the rain soaked crowd, among which were the President of Hungary Janos Ader, the Pope urged that past troubles had not been an obstacle to coexistence.

“A difficult and sad situation from the past should not be forgotten or rejected, but they also should not be an obstacle or a reason that stands in the way of our desire to live together as brothers and sisters,” he said.

Francis was to fly by plane from Bucharest to Bacau and then by helicopter to a temple in the city Cumula-Ciuc, located in the mountains.

But thunderstorms, low clouds and rain forced him to fly to Targu-Mures, on the other side of the Carpathian mountains, and drive on mountain roads by car.

From there, Francis had to go on a helicopter flight to Iasi to visit the Catholics near the border with Moldova. But Vatican officials said that he will return to târgu-mureş and fly on a plane to Iasi, before returning to Bucharest.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has repeatedly visited Transylvania in private, to meet with local Hungarian leaders and to Express their political views.

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In 2015, Romania rebuked him for posting on his page on Facebook regarding the autonomy of the Romanian territory inhabited largely by ethnic Hungarians, calling this “revisionism” is unacceptable.

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