The Polish foreign Ministry made a sharp statement on Ukraine

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland believes that Ukraine still has not paid for the “Katyn crime”.

Vice-Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Bartosz Tsihotsky believes that “the decision of Ukraine” question the strategic partnership between the two countries.

He said this in comments to the Polish press Agency (PAP) on the eve of the independence Day of Poland.

Speaking about Ukrainian-Polish relations, the Polish diplomat for some reason decided to recall the crime in Katyn.

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In his opinion, “the Ukrainian side is not short of solutions that could contribute to progress in some bilateral issues that in General are called historical dialogue.”

Cichocki says that these questions are well known to the Ukrainian side.

Those issues known to the Ukrainian side for many years. They appeared not during the current tenure of the Seimas. This use of language from Soviet times about the Polish occupation. This question of Church property to the Roman Catholic community. This question thoughtless of rehabilitation or glorification of the UPA and the lack of retribution for the Katyn crime
– said the diplomat.

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“Historical truth” writes, that, most likely, the Vice-Minister was referring to the events in Volhynia during the Second world war and not be shot by the NKVD of poles in Katyn (now Smolensk oblast, Russia).

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