The police suddenly raided Svitolina: “burst in and pointed their guns”

Полицейские внезапно нагрянули к Свитолиной: «ворвались и направили оружие»

Best Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina landed in trouble in the US

During the stay of the first racket of Ukraine at the tournament in Indian wells to her suddenly raided by the police.

According to Elina Svitolina, four law enforcement officers burst into her hotel room and sent on her arms.

Полицейские внезапно нагрянули к Свитолиной: «ворвались и направили оружие»

The incident Ukrainian tennis player announced, leaving a note in his Twitter.

“Our faces, when four policemen burst into our hotel room, send us the weapons and shout: “Hands up” — wrote the athlete, without explaining the causes of the incident.

Полицейские внезапно нагрянули к Свитолиной: «ворвались и направили оружие»

Later it became known that the police station received a report about the shooting, which allegedly was heard on site, where a Ukrainian tennis player. Law enforcement officers within two hours of evacuation, as well as searches in rooms and on site, then reported that information about the gunfire was about.

Earlier it was reported that the first racket of Ukraine Elina Svitolina and her boyfriend Gael Monfils has announced a noble initiative to raise funds for the children’s hospital.

A Ukrainian and a Frenchman decided to do charity work and collect money for their performances. This was announced at a joint page on Instagram — G. E. M. S life (life of Gael Monfis Elina Svitolina).

Elina Svitolina and Gael Monfils in the next two tournaments they participate will donate $ 100 for every submission on the flight, after which the funds will be transferred to a hospital in Odessa.

Полицейские внезапно нагрянули к Свитолиной: «ворвались и направили оружие»

“We decided to make this world a better place and to help children. For the next two tournaments we will donate to charity $ 100 for each successful ACE. All the money will be transferred to the hospital in Odessa. Everyone is able to make a contribution, but only together we will achieve fundamental changes,” wrote Svitolina and Monfils on the page in Instagram.

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Recall that Svitolina in skimpy dress blew everyone away.

As reported Politeka, Svitolina set a record in the WTA rankings.

Also Politeka wrote that Svitolina has offered to change nationality.

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