The police solved the murder of Yuri Volkov

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 Police solved the murder of Yuri Volkov

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Israeli police announced that they had solved the murder of repatriate Yuri Volkov, who was killed at a crossroads in Holon a month ago.

Prosecutors in Tel Aviv are due to file an indictment against Adi tomorrow, according to Ynet. Mizrahi, who is on trial as a murder suspect. Also, the court will submit a petition for the arrest of Mizrahi until the end of the trial against him.

It should be reminded that in Holon, on the evening of November 23, 52-year-old Bat-Yam resident Yuri Volkov was killed. He and his wife went to see an apartment in Holon, waited at the crossroads – and at the green light they began to cross the road. At that moment, they were cut off by a motorcyclist who was driving a red light and almost knocked down a couple.

Volkov's wife managed to take a picture of the intruder, who noticed it. He returned to her and demanded: “Bring what you took off.” Volkov asked the man to continue moving, and was stabbed in the chest.

The next day after the incident, the police detained a suspect – he turned out to be 22-year-old Holon resident Adi Mizrahi. During the operation to arrest him, Mizrahis released a police dog on the police.

Shortly after the arrest, the suspect confessed: he confessed to stabbing and killing Yuri Volkov at a pedestrian crossing in Holon.

A post-mortem report has recently appeared on the results of the autopsy of Yuri Volkov's body. The document states that the cause of the man's death was “strike with a sharp object in the chest, penetrating the heart.”

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