The police busted a gang of drug dealers: “fabulous earnings”

Полиция накрыла банду наркоторговцев: «баснословные заработки»

A gang of drug dealers was international

In Russia, the FSB and police detained 18 drug dealers.

The members of the gang in a month had a fabulous earnings – almost polmilliona dollars. Law enforcement officers also seized from the detainees more than 15 kg of synthetic drugs and equipment for the production of “potions”.

Полиция накрыла банду наркоторговцев: «баснословные заработки»

As previously reported, Ukraine will pay the dealer thousands of euros: revealing the court’s decision.

The European court practically proved that the violation of the law in legal proceedings provides an additional “incentive” bonus of the most notorious criminals

So, a few days ago, the press service of the European court of human rights (ECHR) reported that the court ordered Ukraine to pay convicted for drug trafficking Ukrainian €4 thousand

The decoding follows that €2.5 million of this amount will go to the drug dealer brought him moral damages and another €1.5 million for litigation expenses. Checkmate, I would like to comment on the decision.

The case of drug dealer takes us into 2007. Then the dealer “foolishness” militiamen detained in Kirovograd, now Onward.

Until the investigators “twisted it on the evidence,” Basil Yaqub, he “suffered from the Ukrainian law-enforcement systems” three happy managed to sell intelligence agents syringes with opium.

Trading transactions recorded on hidden camera. In June 2007 the criminal “got” 8 years in prison. In 2008, the dealer filed an appeal, but achieved nothing.

Полиция накрыла банду наркоторговцев: «баснословные заработки»

It is known that during a court hearing over it, Jacob had complained of ill-treatment by the police. However, the judge dismissed the complaint and the actions of the police were acquitted: the criminal himself before that claimed that “tried after the arrest to get rid of drugs”, so state agencies were forced to use force.

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It is this silence on the part of Ukrainian court and was the main reason for the decision of the ECHR for compensation.

In its decision the European court also relied on the fact that the defendant could not question the undercover agent and study the video recording of the operation, and the government has not provided the required copies of documents from the case, which required the defendant to such a claim in the ECHR.

Recall that the Ukrainian mass become slaves to drug traffickers.

As reported Politeka, there was evidence of the involvement of the first persons of Russia to the cocaine scandal.

Also Politeka wrote that a famous football player caught in a scandal with drugs, “caught in the bathroom with cocaine.”

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