The pilot sported obscene in the air for three hours: “I’m bored”

Пилот резвился непристойно в воздухе три часа: «Мне скучно»

The Australian pilot, from the flight, began doing pirouettes with a hint

He drew in the air words and… something else.

The pilot was to test a new jet engine. For this, he in light airplanes “Diamond Star” was supposed to fly at a certain speed. The pilot carried out the task. However, flying a bit bored and decided to entertain themselves.

Пилот резвился непристойно в воздухе три часа: «Мне скучно»

He came up with three hours in the air to draw the phrase “I’m bored” (“I’m bored”). But apparently this seemed to him a little and he began to break away at full speed – depicted two figures similar to the male genital organ. All this artwork was depicted on the website FlightAware.

Drawing all sorts of things, the plane has overcome 669 kilometers.

This trick has not gone unnoticed. The employee of Management of safety of civil aviation Peter Gibson on a question of journalists, said that if the pilot during the flight on the aircraft adhered to the norms and safety regulations, absolutely not significantly, a path adhered to the plane.

Пилот резвился непристойно в воздухе три часа: «Мне скучно»

By the way, notes that pilots with a great sense of humor – not a rarity. Not the first time they run in circles, drawing in the sky a different picture.

For example, two years ago, on New year’s eve, German airplane Airbus A380 made an experimental flight from Hamburg and back. Air traffic controllers and the pilots decided themselves to make the Christmas mood and have built a route so that it looked like a Christmas tree with Christmas balls.

In the fall of 2017 sported a pilot in the United States. Residents of Omak (WA) “admired” the trace of the plane in the form of the male sexual organ. So joked the pilots of the U.S. Navy who regularly train in this area.

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It should be noted that this joke is appreciated by all. A penis in the sky complained a local resident. Representatives of the Navy responded to the complaint and apologized for the antics of their pilots. Said joke “obscene” and “contrary to the values” of the Navy.

As previously reported, the Ukrainian hackers punished the Russian pilots because of the connection with his mistress. In the network leaked juicy information about the air force pilot of the Russian Federation Aleksei Kopaev. Navigator multi-purpose fighter su-30CM is constantly blackmailed mistress.

In the international community InformNapalm has also published the documents with the stamp “for official use” of e-mail pilot.

“The probability that Russia could use against Ukraine military aircraft in the event of full-scale escalation of hostilities high enough, so the identity of the pilots of the aggressor is not a trivial task. Special attention to those military experts who “tasted blood” on the bombing of the civilian population in Syria”, — is spoken in the message.

Conversation of the pilot with mistress quickly conquered the online community.

“A typical dialogue Rusnya.. Stupid drunk Vanya “favorite” recording conversations(!) with “favorite”…,” wrote one commenter.

We will remind, the plane crashed onto a busy highway.

As reported Politeka, two Russian aircraft collided in the airport, on Board were hundreds of passengers.

Also Politeka wrote that the burning plane crashed near Moscow, the pilots managed to tell me what happened.

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