The people of this profession go ten times less “healthy” standards

But scientists-physiologists, doctors have little interest in such details: to walk, no… And they are right: sedentary lifestyle is one of the factors of heart problems, lung diseases, diabetes and even some cancers. It is estimated that a member of staff makes an average of a maximum of 1-2 thousand steps a day, five to ten (!) times less than the recommended who standard (world health organization). That employer is not good: a person with deficiency of motion decreases productivity, it often hurts, so go even costs and payment of sick.

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Yield, as always, offer, as they say now, “our Western partners”. And this is the finished complexes of the classroom in the office and even directly in the workplace: exercises and walking in place, not rising from his chair; exercises for the arms, legs, torso; yoga etc. And the result will not be slow in coming: removed muscle tension, aktiviziruyutsya blood circulation throughout the body begins to better understand the brain, increases concentration, etc. But in the end — success.

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Today in Russia is gaining popularity Nordic walking. This is the most simple and available to absolutely everyone, regardless of age, wealth, physical fitness and even health status, method of movement. Versatile in form, this method allows you to maintain the tone of the whole body, improve lung function, strengthen the cardiovascular system and even lose weight if it is someone has. And the intensity of the walk itself can be adjusted on the basis of their own well-being.

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But this way of movement is more suitable for weekends.


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