The pensioner was shot in the head near Kiev: “left for dead on the roadside”

Пенсионерке выстрелили в голову под Киевом: «бросили умирать на обочине»

Near Kiev pensioner was shot in the head and threw her on the street in the middle of the city

An armed attack on 60-year-old woman took place in Brovary. It reported the national police.

As it became known, a woman with a gunshot wound to the head was found by passersby. She was lying on the side of the street Moskalenko. Caring people reported it to 102. Thanks to this woman delivered on time to the hospital. It is noted that in addition to gunshot wounds on the woman’s body had obvious signs of beatings.

“The unidentified man committed an armed assault on the pensioner. Thanks to caring people doctors saved the life of 60-year-old woman was found by passersby in the city with a gunshot wound to the head”, — stated in the message of the police.

Пенсионерке выстрелили в голову под Киевом: «бросили умирать на обочине»

At the hospital the victim was diagnosed with a contusion to the head, but during surgery the doctors discovered the woman in the head with a rubber bullet.

At the scene police found a shell casing. At the moment they are working on different versions of the attack. The investigation has already revealed that unknown persons attacked a pensioner for the purpose of robbery.

Currently, the city is searching for the perpetrator.

Пенсионерке выстрелили в голову под Киевом: «бросили умирать на обочине»

Previously, we reported that the young singer was shot on stage during her performances. It is known that the incident occurred at the wedding in the town of Larkana, Pakistan. There singer SAMINA Samun acted as a guest artist.

A woman sat on a chair and sang. Then one of the guests pointed at the performer a gun and ordered to get up and dance, not sing sitting down. But SAMINA refused to get up.

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It is also known that the woman was pregnant — was 6 months pregnant.

After her refusal, angry guests began to throw money. The girl had to get up.

Then one of the men, who actively demanded that the singer to get up, shot her. He was shot in the head by a rebellious singer. Camino Saman was rushed to the hospital. But to save the singer and failed.

Law enforcement authorities immediately detained the alleged murderer, Please. And her widower demands to denounce the attacker for double murder girls and their unborn child.

We will remind, the man opened fire in a bar in Odessa: there are wounded.

As reported Politeka, the man with the shotgun fired at the radio station in the Carpathian mountains.

Also Politeka wrote that the child was shot in the head by a pregnant mother: “the father did not have time”.

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